Formwork System

Considering the industry need we have taken one step ahead to provide advanced and more efficient way of construction work. Our highly appreciated formwork system fulfills its basic advantages like minimal shuttering time, less labor efforts and maximum accuracy in construction. Our formwork system panels have perfect combination of exclusively tailored roll formed M Ssheet and high quality shuttering plywood. Panel frames are developed in such a way that shuttering plywood gets filled into it and then it is fixed with non-corrosive aluminum sturdy rivets. The MS Frame ensures its strength and light weight due to its unique forming section.

design and shuttering plywood will ensure more number of repetitions due to its unique material properties. The formwork system can be easily formed as per the design by clamping various different sized panels with Gl Clamps having steady powerful grip. An additional benefit of formwork system is it offers variety of usage of same panels by erecting in different kinds of panel combination. A same set of formwork panels can be utilized for Column, Beam, Lift, Retaining Wall and Slab etc.

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